Articles for ENT Surgeries

8 November 2019

THALASSEA-Get Some Fresh Air

Revive yourself by breathing properly. If you ever consider how important it is to feel well during the day, especially in demanding times when we wish […]
21 September 2018

2BOARD-Get Some Fresh Air

ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY IN OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY Τhe most important contribution of Medicine to humans is the relief from pain, sickness and fear, as Hippocrates stated centuries ago. Despite […]
7 September 2018

Thalassea-Take a Breath Now!

Our nose is not enough to be fine, it must also be functional. A surgery can take care of both Deviated septum? Take a breath now! […]
15 June 2018

GRECIAN-New nose, New life

Beautiful nose and proper breathing with the most innovative techniques. Today’s modern trend in rhinoplasty, follows natural lines in harmony with each face and the goal […]
15 October 2017

2BOARD HEALTH – Surgery without Scratch

In recent years minimally invasive nasal and larynx surgery has become available due to the introduction of the endoscope and powered instruments by functional endoscopic sinus […]
5 October 2017

2Board Health – Endoscopic Approach

GET RID OF THAT SINUS INFECTION FAST AND EASILY WITH ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY. Sinusitis means an inflammatory change in the mucosa of a sinus(maxillary ethmoid, sphenoid, frontal, […]
5 October 2017

Greese is-Recent advance in ear, nose and throat (ent) surgery

New surgical techniques involving atraumatic dissections mean less bleeding, less pain, shorter surgeries and faster postoperative healing. The most important contribution of medicine to humanity is […]
1 October 2016

2BOARD – Less pain, more smiles