Nasal Septum in children

A deviated nasal septum is primarily a problem that concerns adults, as, in children, the main causes of difficulties in breathing are usually hypertrophic adenoids, viral infections and allergic rhinitis. The nasal septum is an organ that continues to develop until the age of 15-16 years; there are deviations however, depending on each child’s development rate. If there are intense breathing difficulties, found to be due purely to a deviated septum and not to some other anatomical nasal problem requiring surgical treatment, a deviated septum can be operated at a younger age. In children where the endoscopic tests show a deviated septum, with coexisting large adenoids and allergic rhinitis, the best treatment strategy is to remove the adenoids and give medication for the allergy. In any case, as a specialist doctor, the otolaryngologist will provide the right, individualised solution for every child.

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